Daggadipada Ashramshala - Model project for rural education in India


The Impact India Foundation became famous for their "Lifeline Express" hospital train, that provides the rural areas of India with a professional medical infrastructure. Now Impact India aims to improve the quality of education in rural areas. A model project on an existing village school in the northeast of Mumbai in the Thane Destrict shall reveal possibilities of improving and redesigning education in rural areas in India.

The Daggadipada Ashramshala is a school for about 500 children that offers so far only poor schoolrooms and accomodation all in one place. The quality of the buildings infrastructure has to be improved as well as an overall functional zoning for new activities has to be found.

With the shown project, Georg Jahnsen and Dominik Raskin make a proposal of how a new Masterplan for a school in India in a rural context can look like. This integrative analysis and overall design proposal is a first step for a sustainable future development of the Daggadipada Ashramshala.

Grafics: Georg Jahnsen and Dominik Raskin