Interior Colour Application 4/2008

In this module the students learned all the basic colour schemes and its usage for the purposes of an interior design. Starting with the colour wheel, they continued to do different colour charts to understand the various possibilities to shade and contrast colours.

The last task was to apply different ideas of materials for the surfaces in an interior context.

Thanks a lot to my (18) students for the nice work and the good working atmosphere.

>>> Raffles Design International, Mumbai

Foto: inside the working room while experimenting with colours

Interior Design Past and Present 4/2008

The task for this Module was to do a research on a heritage building or site. The students were to sketch the floorplans and sections of the chosen building and understand its value in the urban context. In a second step the students designed an extension or a transormation of/for the existing site. They were free to change the general purpose of the building and its activities.

Thanks a lot to my students (Zainab, Estroz, Sonam and Poonam) for the motivated working atmosphere, the very special results and the warm welcome for me in India.

>>> Raffles Design International, Mumbai

Foto: work by Zainab Chauhan

Sustainable Design 4/2008

The task for this Module was to do a site-research on an eco-system nearby. The students choosed Juhu-Beach for this research. Their topic was "Urban Beach". In a second step they were to design a product for this eco-system that fits the specific needs and purposes of the site.

In addition to those tasks we did a field trip to a sustainable employment project for women in Andheri, Mumbai. They produce and design clothing and gift-articles for fair trade organizations like e.g. the German "GEPA".

Thanks a lot to my students (Dhaval and Devansh) for the good working atmosphere and the interesting results.

Foto: Analysis on an eco system (urban beach) Juhu Beach in Mumbai from Dhaval and Devansh