Design Research Interactive Systems 4/2008

The students learned the basic text-based research methodologies. With this knowledgement they are able to prepare the detailed description and preparation as a basis for an own design project. The final design research proposal (exposé) helps them to formulate a roadmap for the own work and to communicate the ideas with others.

Thanks a lot to my (14) students for the good working atmosphere.

>>> Raffles Design International, Mumbai

Strategic Marketing 4/2008

The task for this module was to analyse and understand the needs and the elements of a strategic marketing plan for a company and the manifestation in existing designs for retail or service companies.

We did a field trip around the Linking Road in Mumbai, to analyse the specific elements of branding in the urban/public space.

In a last step the students did their own design for a retail interior according to a strategic marketing plan that they created on their own.

Thanks a lot to my students (Zainab, Estroz, Sonam and Poonam) for the motivated working on this not always easy topic.

>>> Raffles Design International, Mumbai

Foto: Analysis on a brand and its manifestation in an interior design by Poonam Shah